Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Candle Art

Here's a shot I did at the Mock Wedding as well.  Just a little side view of some candle holders.  

Bridal Shots- 3/4 Length

Here is a bridal of our helpful model Jessica.  At first coming up with some creative poses was a challege.  Getting the right pose for the right model will be key in this buisness.  You don't want your bride looking like someone she doesn't reconize nor wanted to represent.  So after about 15 different looks and positions I think we got a couple that worked well.  This one particular Jessica displayed great posture which also helped the image work out. 

Here's another one that worked out pretty good too. 

A Pro In The Making

I think I'm enjoying this whole taking pictures of other people shooting thing.  This is my beautiful wife taking pictures at the Yorktown Bridge in Williamsburg, Virginia.  The original tones were very nice, it wasn't dark enough though.  I was going for a semi silhouette look, and didn't quit hit it.  So in turns I changed the tones and this is what I came up with.  I like it, thought it came out well. 



Here is a shot I caught during the mock wedding of Jennifer Tart taking a photograph of the wedding party from our Mock Wedding.  I'm always trying to get the perfect shot, well this time I just gave up and started taking picture of photo people taking the perfect shot.  It came the way I wanted it to so I accomplished something.  Producing a finished product exactly the way you visualized it is just as important as making visual projects that everybody else wants.  Shoot what you see, and see what you want everybody else to see. 

Good job Jennifer.