Monday, June 30, 2014

Artist/Performer Promotional Work

T-Shep (Gospel Hip Hop Artist) really had a great idea for this shoot.  She knew where she wanted this shot taken, which makes my job a lot easier,,,,,,, sometimes.  The first location didn't have the light we needed, but her second location worked out well.  The concept of the shoot is from a biblical story in the bible (The Damascus Road).  Here are couple of shots. 

Wedding Done!

Okay, we did the wedding and it was great.  Had a great time, enjoyed everyone we met.  The wedding coordinator always kept us in mind and the bride smiled the entire day.  Couldn't ask for more, EXPECT...For me I love the photo shoots.  Placing the light where I want it and finding what works best.  During a wedding you have to take what you're given and make the best of it.  I guess we will see what wedding have in store for us.  I will say this, images in churches look beautiful, and you get people dressed up in beautiful surrounds.