Thursday, September 9, 2010

Before and After

With each passing day I'm learning more and more.  Lights, body position, framing, but most importantly this week I realized that grooming of your subject is one of the most important factors of them all.  This week I will demonstrate the two studio sessions that were performed by our good buddy, Paul Buddie.  During the first session Paul was slightly rushing as we all are during these trying days.  His shirt wasn't pressed, his face wasn't shaved, etc.  There were also faults on my behalf, the photographer, Buddie has deep eye sockets.  I didn't place the lights in the proper location to bring his eyes out. In the end I had a bad photograph.

After realizing my mistakes I immediately called Buddie up and requested for a re shot.  He has the look I was looking for, I just had to capture it.  I also emphasised that it was critical for him to shave, and to have his shirt pressed.  The next day Buddie came in and we got the shot I was looking for.  I adjusted the lights to fill in the shadows by his eyes and also added a little blur to soften his face.  In the end we got.  Thanks Paul for all the help.




  1. Great work Gary. I learned a lot reading about the process that you went through. It's great when we can learn from each others mistakes. Thanks for the honest.

  2. Really nice examples Gary! Way to go for not only asking for a reshoot but also emphasizing the factors that needed to change. The second shot is much improved!

  3. Shaving makes a really big difference! You did really well by this one, Gary. I like how the expressions and postures are reflective of the "before and after" factor.